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Promoting your autonomy, freedom, healing and growth

I specialize in working with relational trauma, attachment and narcissistic abuse.

I am also trained to support adult children of emotionally immature and narcissistic parents, and those recovering from other narcissistic relationship and attachment wounds.

In Counselling and Psychotherapy. we do not use labels or diagnose mental health issues or illnesses. This is in the realm of the medical model of healthcare. I am here to listen to your story and to understand what has happened to you and not what is wrong with you. I will support you to heal and grow.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

I have experienced more and more people seeking counselling support due to being in a toxic relationship, which results in deep feelings of shame and unworthiness.
You may currently be in an unhappy relationship or recently ended one. You may be struggling with relational trauma from childhood, often without even recognising it. If this was an emotionally abusive relationship it would have left you feeling;

Confused - The experience of gaslighting can leave you doubting yourself and your reality.
Like you are going crazy - As you would have been manipulated to believe its all in your head.
Lacking in Self-Esteem - As the narcissist would have made sure they destroyed your self esteem and confidence.
Depressed - Due to the disrespect and disregard you have been treated with.
Not Good Enough - From the constant put downs and criticism.
Anxiety - Due to the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing that would cause them to fly into a rage or devalue you.

If this all sounds familiar, I do hope you can find the courage to reach out and get the Counselling support and healing that you so deserve.

How can I help?

My style of mind-body integrative Psychotherapy and Coaching can help you to;
Build resilience

Create boundaries
Improve your sense of self
Make better decisions for yourself,
Have greater self-worth
Be more connected to yourself and others
Create healthier, more loving relationships with self and others.

Of course if you have experienced a toxic relationship it is likely you have experienced something similar growing up, or maybe you are here because of a narcissistic or emotionally immature parent and trying to understand or separate yourself from that relationship.

What we are talking about here is developmental and relational trauma. If we have experienced emotional abuse or neglect as a child, we are much more likely to experience this in our adult relationships too which further compounds the relational trauma.

Unresolved trauma from our childhood affects us deeply, throughout our lives. It not only affects how we think and feel, as well as our adaptive behaviours, but it also affects our relationships, our sense of self, how we parent our own children, and our outlook on the world. 



These relationships often create complex post traumatic stress disorder. C-PTSD is created by ongoing traumatic events of emotional, psychological and physical abuse. Sadly, narcissists with aim to destroy everything about you. The result is that you will likely experience symptoms such as;

  • Flashbacks and nightmares
  • Feel anxious and jumpy (hypervigilant)
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal and avoidance (shut down) from situations and people
  • Struggle to hold down close friendships
  • Angry outbursts
  • Difficulty regulating emotions and self soothing
  • Feeling shame and guilt
  • People pleasing



What will Therapy look like?

Healing from Trauma and abuse is not easy, especially if you are still in relationship with the abusers. This is generally long term work, but at the same time, as long as you want it to be. The is no magic treatment. Healing is a process.

Using integrated mind-body-brain based psychotherapy, neuroscience and coaching, it is possible to heal from C-PTSD and relational trauma, and grow into the person you deserve to be, and know that you are.

The change process will take time and there is no easy fix, but if you are willing to commit to your healing and growth then change is possible.

If you are the adult child of a narcissistic or emotionally immature parent then therapy can help you,

  • Develop Boundaries
  • Go no contact (if you choose to)
  • Help heal childhood and developmental trauma
  • Reclaim your authentic self
  • Heal your Inner Child
  • Release suppressed anger
  • Recognise trauma bonds
  • Heal your "good enough" wound
  • Nurture Self Compassion

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