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Clinical Hypnotherapy


What is it?

Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness. We all access a trance state several times a day, such as when we are daydreaming, driving (when you can't remember the journey because your mind was elsewhere), or watching TV (Same as driving).

The Brain has different brainwave states which we access at different times of the day for different reasons.

BETA - this is our normal waking state when we are alert. In this state we can plan and problem solve. Most of our thinking and worrying is done in this state. It is left brain thinking and focused on logic and reason. In this focused, awake state an EEG machine will measure the brainwave pattern at 15 - 40 cycles per second.

ALPHA - This is a more relaxed brainwave state. We access alpha brainwaves when we are meditating. This calm state of mind promotes calm, focus, learning and creativity. In this state the brain releases hormones to promote relaxation and pain relief and therefore switches off the stress hormones. In Alpha your brain is also highly suggestible. So is the state where change can take place and your mind can be reprogrammed. Bypassing the limitations of Beta thinking.  This is the state of Hypnosis. This brainwave state registers at 9 - 14 cycles per second.

THETA - We experience Theta brainwaves when we are in a deep meditative state, or REM (dreaming) sleep. These brainwaves are much slower than the previous two states. This is the state of intuition, creativity and One-ness. It promotes a sense of bliss, and a state of just being. This is the state of deeper hypnosis. This brainwave state measures 4 - 8 cycles per second

DELTA - We achieve this brainwave when we are in a deep, dreamless state of sleep. This is the state of rest and repair and where the bodies healing takes place. The brainwave measures 1 - 4 cycles per second.

During hypnosis you will enter the room in Beta, and then during the course of the relaxation you will access other brainwave states which assist you to reprogramme your mind in the way it has been designed to.


There is nothing scary about hypnosis. It is a completely natural and relaxed state of being where you are focused and completely in control at all times. It is very relaxing and deeply therapeutic.

Unlike stage hypnosis, hypnotherapy is about helping you to overcome your problems using the power of your unconscious mind (your non-waking brain), whereas stage or street hypnosis is about entertainment and getting you to do silly things, still with your consent or you wouldn't do them. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic intervention for change and not entertainment.


What would a Hypnotherapy session look like?

Initially we will have a chat about your presenting issues, how long you have been experiencing them and what you are hoping to get out of hypnotherapy.

I will then use a guided visualisation as a relaxation technique to induce a lovely trance like state. You will only relax as deep as you feel comfortable with and this usually increases over the course of the session as the trust builds and you become more comfortable. However the depth of the trance has no bearing on the outcome.

Once you are relaxed I would use a variety of techniques which might include NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, positive suggestion therapy, timeline therapy or other to help you to overcome the issue that you are presenting with. You will then be brought out of the hypnotic state where you can continue to enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

Hypnotherapy is effective because it communicates directly with your subconscious mind.


What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnosis can be effective for a wide range of issues. The ones that I mainly focus on are;

  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Stress Management
  • Excelling at Sports
  • Confidence


It can also be helpful for;

  • Menopause symptoms
  • Cancer treatment
  • Pain 
  • & much more.....
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