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HolisticTherapies & Energy Healing

Restoring balance of your Mind , Body & Spirit


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art, and a type of biofield energy therapy. It helps to restore and rebalance the energy flow through our energy centres (Chakras). It is a very relaxing treatment where you just lie back and enjoy the experience. It is administered by the laying on of hands around the body, while clothed. This laying on of hands may be on the body around the head and feet but also above the body.. The idea is that Universal Life Energy flows through all of us and as a Reiki Master I can be the instrument through which this energy flows.
If you are interested in healing and energy medicine, this may be of interest to you. You can read more about Reiki here

Reiki works by relaxing and balancing the energy and therefore systems of the body which some people report to;

Improve sleep

Relieve pain

Increase Libido

Boost mood and relieve stress

Relieve anxiety and depression

Activates the Parasympathetic nervous system which then helps to reduce blood pressure and increase heart rate variability

Promote a sense of wellbeing and therefore improve quality of life.

It promotes a Spiritual connection with the universe.


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Another ancient Japanese technique for healing.

Reflexology works on the idea that the foot is a map of the whole body. It is performed as a foot massage, which works on specific acupuncture points and meridians in the feet that respond to a particular area or system of the body. Therefore, treating the whole body through the feet. It is a very relaxing treatment.
A regular Reflexology massage can help to keep the body in balance. You can read more about Reflexology here

Regular reflexology treatments can help to;

Promote wellbeing and relaxation

Balance the bodies systems

Improve sleep quality

Relieve anxiety and depression and boost self esteem 

Relieve pain and symptoms of chronic conditions


Bio-energy Healing

This type of energy healing is similar to but different from Reiki.

Like Reiki, you lie on a couch and enjoy a nice relaxing treatment. But rather then channeling universal energy and using Reiki symbols and guides for healing, this treatment, like Reiki, focuses on the Chakras and the flow of energy though this centres but also on cleansing and balancing these Chakra centres and different layers of the Aura.

It can be very helpful for physical and emotional issues.

As much of our illness and dis-ease coming firstly from imbalances in our energy field before it manifests in the physical body, this healing work is an important part of our health and being. It is about working holistically with the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

As with the two therapies above, energy healing can help to;

Relax the body and mind

Relieve pain

Increase feelings of wellness

Relieve symptoms of chronic illness

Promote a sense of connection to the Universe

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Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Drawing on my 20+ years as an Holistic/Complimentary Therapist, and Mind-Body Practitioner, I incorporate all of the knowledge and experience I have gained in this area to provide a holistic approach to your health and wellness. This includes looking at your body as a whole, mind-body-spirit.

Mind – Focussing on how we think about ourselves and the world around us. Challenging negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that may be restricting our positive experience of the world.

Body – Looking at our physical health and ailments. How well do we look after ourselves, and our physical body. Recognising how our thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle affect every cell in our body that then leads to dis-ease and ill health, and how to get on the path to better health and healing.

Spirit– This may be more important to some than others, but we cannot escape the fact that we are all spiritual beings, whether you connect to that part of yourself or not. It is thought that mental and physical ill health is as a result of our disconnection with ourselves and the world around us, which creates disharmony. Rebalancing the energy flow within our body is an important aspect of good health. Blockages in these energy centres bring about imbalance and poor health over time. So this is a very important aspect of the holistic model and healing. Here we would use energy healing to rebalance the whole body.

We would also be incorporating neuroscience, positive psychology, counselling, coaching and even quantum physics into this approach to improve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness, to promote good health and healing.



Earthing is not a therapy as such, but I feel that its important to include it here.

Grounding is not to be confused with the idea of grounding for mental health or when healing. So that is why I prefer to refer to it mostly as Earthing, but you may also hear it called grounding.

The practice of grounding involves walking barefoot outdoors to connect to the earth's electrical charge. It has been suggested that due to a recent increase in rubber and plastic-soled shoes we have become disconnected from the earth's natural healing energies, as these materials are not natural conductors of electricity like leather soles are. This is suggested as a possible cause of why our ill health continues to increase over recent times.

Earthing research suggests that this practice reduces pain and inflammation and improves sleep and overall mental wellness. You can read more about earthing here.

You can also visit The Earthing Institute website, where you can watch the groundbreaking earthing movie, and buy grounding products for when time or weather won't allow for being barefoot outdoors



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